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German football club – they have bagged 22 league titles, and an amazing 4 European Cups as well as all 3 European trophies


Bayern Munich tickets

Bayern Munich tickets FC has distinguished itself as the biggest and most successful German football club – they have bagged 22 league titles, and an amazing 4 European Cups as well as all 3 European trophies. Compared to other European football clubs however, their history doesn’t go that far back. The club was started in 1900 by – interestingly – a group of gymnasts. They were not even members of the Bundesliga when it was formed, and had only won one title before 1969.

Back in the day Bayern-Munich was known as “the Jews football club”. Their first win was under a Jewish coach, Richard Kohn. Their president at this time was another Jew, Kurt Landauer. The Hitler regime obviously didn’t bode well for the club – many of the members, including the president had to leave the country when the 3rd Reich was in power. Even after the Second World War it took time for the club to recover, winning the German cup for the first time in 1957. The club’s trouble did not stop there – they almost went bankrupt soon after and when the Bundesliga selected teams after it was formed in 1963 they were not one the teams selected to participate.

That changed soon afterwards – just 2 seasons after that they became a formidable front with some of the strongest players in the country. They amassed plenty of wins including the European Cup between 1974 and 1976.

Today, it is one of the strongest football clubs in the world – they are ranked 3rd on the All-Time World club Rankings. The best way to experience this great football team is to watch them at work in their home town of Munich at the Allianz Arena.

There is only one problem though – getting Bayern Munich tickets is not the easiest thing to do in the world. To start with, since the team is that good there is a high demand for them. The second reason you may have a problem is that today the team consists of a good number of world class players – you are talking the likes of  Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer, and Arjen Robben. The third reason why you may have a hard time buying  Bayern Munich match tickets is the fact that the Bndesliga maintains a fan-friendly policy to keep tickets cheap, which drives their demand – most people can afford them. In many cases tickets are sold out before the first match of the season is played.

This is not to mean that you should give up – if you know where to look you will find cheap FC Bayern Munich match tickets. To increase their availability the team has a secondary market that allows fans to sell tickets to each other. To maintain the Bundesliga fan-friendly policy to keep tickets cheap you will only pay a transaction fee. The team also ensures that the market-place is safe. You can buy tickets as late as 2 days to the game but note that some of the sites that sell them have caveats – they may require that you be a member of the club. Most of these sites are also in German. Also, you have to register as a member of the site.


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